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Being passionate, Being honest and Being devoted

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    Dawn808 has the first patent in Korea as well as in the world for hangvers

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    Dawn 1004 is Premium hangover drink made of hot spring water from 808 meter underground. Dawn 1004 is distinct and specialized for businessmen who have to drink or who loves to drink but struggle from hangover.

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    The world best inventor who was honored with a number of international prizes for inventing “Damina 909”, a natural tea for bolstering stamina, is exerting incessant efforts to create products that can realize the dream of extending lifespan of man.

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    Glami Yukhyang is a 100% natural spice made mainly of garlic, ginger and licorice. It enhances taste and flavor of meat and fish while removing their smell. Now use the natural spice Glami Yukhyang, a magician of taste, for cooking meat an fish.