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2020Nam Jong Hyun Invention Treasure Warehouse open
2018Nam Jong Hyun Center Exhibition Hall open
2017Cheorwon Yeomyung Hot Spring District Designation
2015Nam Jong Hyun Center Completion (Sports Beverage Production Factory and Resedence Hall)
2012Ground Breaking Alkali Sports Beverage and residence hall
2011Nam Jong Hyun Invention History Museum move and extension
2010Production Factory 2 extension
2009Nam Jong Hyun Invention History Museum open
2008The front edge of automated product facilities extension
2007Training Institute expansion
2006Patent Research & Development center expansion
2005“Dawn808 masterpiece” production
2004Extension and expansion “Dawn808” production facility
2002Expansion liquor production facility
2002Establishment of US Corporation (GLAMI USA Corp)
2001Extension and expansion production factory 1
1999Purchased Dawn808 Production Factory (Located in Galmal-eup, Chulwon-gun)
1999Completion of LogisticsCenterinJinchun(LocatedinDuksan-myun,Jinchun-gun)
1998Production and Marketing of 100% Natural Herbal Tea for Hangover “Dawn808”
1996Produced a Natural Seasoning Powder “GLAMI”
1996Established “GLAMI FOOD”